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The European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) is a travelling, annual meeting devoted to scientific study of human visual perception and multisensory processes, as well as their applications. ECVP has a long tradition and has been held each year since 1978, and attracts a wide variety of participants from such fields as Psychology, Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, Ophthalmology, Optics, Computational Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmacology, and topics include both fundamental research as well as applied and clinical areas.

Even though vision is the main topic, other sensory modalities are very well represented as well as the interactions between the different modalities (multi-sensory perception). The goal of the meeting is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new developments in our understanding of human, animal and machine vision. Empirical, theoretical and applied perspectives are all encouraged.

To encourage the widest possible participation from Europe and other parts of the world, particularly among students, the meeting is held in a different European location and hosted by a different local organising committee each year. Recently attracting between 700-1200 participants from well beyond the borders of Europe, with a strong participation of researchers from North America, Japan, China and other Asian countries, ECVP is now one of the largest international conferences in the field.


The meeting consists of the Perception, Rank Prize and Kanizsa Lectures, symposia, talks and posters, which are filled through an open call for papers beginning in January 2018. Submissions are encouraged from scientists at all levels, whether established, early career, or students. Abstracts are peer reviewed.

Details on past meetings can be found at

ECVP 2018 is dedicated to Prof. Tom Troscianko, esteemed colleague and dear friend.

26–30 August 2018 | Trieste, Italy

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