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Bursaries and Facilities

We are aware that attending ECVP may be expensive, especially for people coming from economically disadvantaged countries. This year ECVP can offer some economical support and some free/reduced price accommodation at the University campus student housing (


We will consider applications from students coming from low-income countries, as well as from non-students who are temporarily without a salary (e.g., young researchers looking for a job after finishing a PhD).


Participants can apply from their personal area, by completing a dedicated form by April 15th. Bursaries and free/reduced price accommodations will be assigned by organizers, whose decisions are unappealable.


Applicants will be notified about organizers decisions by May 31st Please note that the bursaries will be delivered on site, only if the beneficiary attends the conference. Otherwise the bursaries will be re-assigned to other applicants.

Tom Troscianko Memorial Award - AVA

We have the pleasure to announce that once again, to celebrate Tom’s contribution to the field of vision science, and to reflect his wide interests, AVA and ECVP will be collaborating to offer the Tom Troscianko Award to fund young scientists attendance at ECVP while encouraging innovative science and adventurous travel!

The award will be for up to £2,000 and should cover travel and registration costs (etc.) for ECVP.

Applications are welcome from early career scientists undertaking a PhD or with a maximum of 5 year post-PhD experience.

To be eligible for an award the applicant must visit at least one location (preferably more), in addition to that of the intended ECVP meeting.

The additional activities can be for purposes of the candidate’s choosing but they should be of a scientific nature. Examples of visits include but are by no means limited to: collecting samples, observing a natural phenomenon, visiting a collection / museum, collecting data, and laboratory visits. The additional visit(s) may be to any location(s), and would normally occur either immediately before, or after, the conference, or both.

If the proposal requires unusual access to facilities (including laboratory visits), a letter of agreement from the custodian / lab leader must be attached to the application.

While the actual funding will be awarded in advance of the trip, award holders will be invited to receive a (nominal) presentation at the ECVP business meeting and to supply a short written report to be displayed on the AVA’s website.


Further details and an application form can be found at the links below:


Tom Troscianko Memorial Award – AVA:


Application Forms:


Reports from previous successful applicants here:


Award subcommittee chairman:



The deadline is 14th April 2018


The goal of the Colour Group Awards Scheme is to encourage students and young researchers to present their work at national and international meetings, and to benefit from interaction with the international colour community. 


Colour Group (GB) Poster Awards

At ECVP 2018, The Colour Group (GB) will be sponsoring an award (£100) to recognise the best presentation on the topic of colour.

The prize will be awarded to a young researcher on the basis of the quality of the work.

There will be no specific geographic requirements.  

The judging will be undertaken by Colour Group (GB) Committee member(s) attending the conference and members of the local ECVP organising committee.

If possible, the recipient, will be invited to present at the Colour Group (GB) awards meeting taking place in London on the first Wednesday of November 2018.


Colour Group (GB) Travel Award

The Colour Group (GB) offers travel awards to encourage students and young researchers who are members of the Colour Group (GB) either working or studying in a UK institution to attend international conferences such as ECVP.

As a condition of the ward recipients are expected to present at the Colour Group (GB) awards meeting taking place in London on the first Wednesday of November 2018.


Closing date for applications: Wednesday 11 April 2017 at 4pm


More information and application forms here:


Further enquiries and completed application forms should be addressed to the Colour Group Awards Officer via email and marked FAO - Prof Marina Bloj:

26–30 August 2018 | Trieste, Italy

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